Online Booking Instructions

When you first Log In, you will need to enter 2 items of information that we have on file, Your User Name and your Password. (Use the TAB key to go from one to the other, NOT the Enter key) Your User Name is your First name as we have it recorded in our database (ie Mary) Your Password is your full email address (ie Then click on the SUBMIT button.

If you haven’t registered with CRIMPERS by giving us your Email address, you won’t be able to log on. You can however register on the Log In page by clicking on Register link and fill out the info form and submit it. We will receive it via Email and register you and send back a confirmation email.


If you have any appointments booked, they will be listed in chronological order.


You have the opportunity to Cancel any of these by clicking on the CANCEL at the end of each appointment. You will receive a Cancellation Email after we process the cancellation. You may only CANCEL an appointment if you are logged on to this site with INTERNET EXPLORER browser. Please note that we require a minimum of 48 hours notice so that we can rebook this time.


You can see your last 20 appointments by clicking on the “Appointment History” at the upper left of the screen. Your last 20 Product purchases can be viewed by clicking on “Product History”


While you are viewing you Appointment History, you can ‘clone’ or duplicate any of your past appointments exactly (except for the stylists who performed them, which you’ll need to select again). Just click on Copy Appointment beside the relevant entry. (then just click on the NEXT button)


If you want to make a new appointment, just click on Schedule New Appointment at the upper left. Of the screen. You will be taken into the scheduling part of the web site. Hints for completing this task follow


At the upper left is an area which lists the services as you select them. If you make a mistake, you can click on the X beside the service to delete it.

In the center of the screen is a list of all the Classes (or types) of service we offer. This is where you start. When you click on any Class, a sub menu of all the services of this type will show. Hovering you mouse over any service name will pop-up a description of that service. Clicking on the service name will select it an add it to the list at the upper left IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO SELECT THE SERVICES IN THE ORDER THAT THEY WILL BE PERFORMED! (For example, Color & Highlight services are always performed before Haircutting)

After selecting all the services you desire, just click on the Next link at the top right to go to the next page
Now you need to select the stylists that you wish to perform each of the services. Beside each service is a drop down list of all the CRIMPERS stylists who perform that particular service. Just click on a name to select. You can also select the stylist by a photo, just click on the ‘camera’ icon at the right of the name list to see pictures, then just click on the picture to select.

After all selections have been made, click on the Next button at the top right to go to the next page
You will now see a graphic representation of a calendar (usually 2 months). All the dates highlighted in bright green have openings available for your appointment. By clicking on a date you will see all the start times available for the first service (if multiple services are being booked). Choose a date & time that suits your schedule by clicking on the appropriate time slot & then click on the Next button at the top right to go to the next page

You’re now almost complete!
On the last page there is a small box where you can type in any comments that you may want to communicate to the receptionist. As we have to confirm all appointments made on the Web Site, this can come in handy, for example “please let me know if anything earlier in the day opens up”

Then Click FINISH at the top right corner & your done & can close your Internet browser. The times necessary for your services are immediately ‘booked’ on the Salon’s Appointment book but are ‘pending’ until we confirm them. No one else can book these time slots until the appointment is cancelled.

Typically we will confirm & send you back an email within an hour if the booking is made during salon opening hours. If it is made when we are normally closed (ie Sunday & Monday or at 3am), it will be confirmed within an hour of the salon opening on the next work day

Please Note: If you don’t receive an email confirmation within 24 hours (except weekends) please call 415.895.1651.

Thank you.


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User name = Your first name. Password = your email address.